Vendor Fee Discounts


Welcome to our new Vendor Fee Discount program, designed to reward our vendors with personal fee discounts based on their trading volume growth. This initiative aims to help you save on fees as you trade more on the NoOnes platform.

How It Works

The Vendor Fee Discount program provides volume-based discounts to vendors on NoOnes. The more you trade, the higher your discount!

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Monthly Goal:
    • Each month, all eligible users will be given a trading goal, which will be displayed in your Dashboard.
  2. Discount Tiers:
    • Reach your monthly goal to get a 10% discount on further trades.
    • Once your volume exceeds 120% of your goal, your further trades will be discounted by 20%.
    • Get a 30% discount by reaching 150% of your goal.
  3. Discount Activation:
    • Your discount is automatically applied once you reach your trading goal for the month.
    • The discount is valid until the end of the calendar month.
  4. Check Your Progress:
    • Your current monthly goal and personal discount will be displayed in your Dashboard.
    • Cannot find the widget? Unfortunately your account is not eligible for the vendor discount yet. Keep trading and try again next month!


  • In April, your goal is $3000. You reach this goal on April 15th, earning a 10% discount.
  • You continue trading and reach your next goal - $3600 by April 20th, increasing your discount to 20%.
  • By April 29th, you reach $4500, earning a 30% discount.
  • On May 1st, the discount resets, and your new goal is displayed in the Dashboard.

Noones reserves the right to change or cancel the Vendor Discount Program at any time. Bad actors and duplicate accounts seeking to exploit this program are in violation of our Terms of Service and will be removed from the platform permanently.


What is the Vendor Fee Discounts program?

The program offers personal fee discounts to eligible NoOnes vendors based on their trading volume growth. The more you grow your NoOnes business, the higher discount you will get!

How do I know my current discount and progress?

Your dashboard will feature a new widget showing your current monthly goal, personal discount, and progress towards the goal.

Can I see my discount during a trade?

Yes, your discount will be visible when creating an offer, starting a trade, and during the trade. This helps you understand your savings in real-time.

What happens if I reach my goal mid-month?

Your discount will be applied as soon as you reach your goal and will remain active until the end of the calendar month. If you exceed your goal, you can earn higher discounts based on the specified tiers.

Are there any trades excluded from this program?

The following trades are not counted towards your goal to prevent exploitation of the program:

  1. Trades where the escrow fee is not charged (example: free USDT trades)
  2. Block trades (bank transfer trades over $50,000)

What if I have a pre-existing discount?

If you have a discount from another program, it’s not combined with the personal discount. The highest discount is applied. In some cases it may be possible to increase your discount by reaching your goal!

This is still not clear. Where do I get help?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

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