Converting Tether FAQs

You can convert your USDT into any of the cryptocurrencies on the platform in Converting. Here's what you need to know to complete the process.

Why would I want to convert my crypto into USDT?
Converting cryptocurrencies into Tether gives you an opportunity to store your funds in the form of a stablecoin, which helps you eliminate the effect of market volatility and fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin.
What are the fees for converting USDT?
For the full list of fees, take a look at this article
What are the minimum amounts of USDT I can convert?
My conversion wasn't successful. What to do?
Some conversions will go through after a few seconds so hang tight! If your conversion is successful, you’ll see a green banner to let you know. If your conversion is unsuccessful, your funds should return to your account within a few minutes. Once the funds have returned, you can try the conversion again. 
My conversion wasn't successful, and funds are reserved for conversion or appear to be lost. What to do?
Please let us know the transaction ID associated with your conversion and our support team will take a look.


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