Reporting a Problem

Reporting malicious users is a way to keep yourself and the community safe. Here’s what you can report on the Noones marketplace.

Report an offer—If you come across an offer that’s suspicious or in clear violation of our Terms of Service, let us know

Report a problem—Both sellers and buyers can report a problem with a trade, regardless of whether the trade is successful or not. Visit this page to see how to report an issue with your trade.

Report a scam—If you’re selling cryptocurrency and think that the buyer has sold you an invalid gift card, report it right away

Report a chargeback—While selling cryptocurrency some payment methods have an option to make a chargeback. This means that after you’ve received payment for your crypto your trade partner can request their funds back, if the third-party payment service allows it. Visit this page for more information on reporting a chargeback.

Note: If you want to report an issue but your trade hasn’t been cancelled yet, it is better to start a dispute.

All these reports will be reviewed by specialists and you’ll receive an update via email. Make sure that you’ve explained the problem in detail and submitted enough evidence.

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