Limits and Verification

Verified users on the NoOnes platform have access to more features, such as higher trade amounts and unlimited transactions, a free crypto wallet, and the ability to publish their own offers on the marketplace.

The following table lists out our various verification levels along with their corresponding benefits:

Level Verification Per Trade Limit Combined Operations 
24h Limit
Trade Volume Lifetime Limit Send from Wallet Lifetime Limit Free Crypto Wallet Create offer
0 Email $0 $0 $0 $0 - -
1 Email, Name and Date of birth $700 $700 $10,000 $10,000 Yes -
1+ Basic Verification* $700 $700 $10,000 $10,000 Yes Yes
2 ID Verification** $100,000 Yes Yes
3 Enhanced Due Diligence $500,000 Yes Yes


* Basis verification is available only in particular regions. More information about Basic Verification
** Users registering from certain locations might be required to pass identity verification to conform their eligibility to use platform services.

*** For Lightning transactions, there is an additional limit of $700 per transaction.

Note: Lifetime trade limits and wallet send out limits are tracked separately. For example, you can have $500 remaining for trading, and $9,000 left for wallet send outs.

Note:  the 24h limit applies to the sum of all operations performed by user over the last 24 hours:

  • trade (initiated via marketplace and via messenger)

  • internal and external send-out

  • receiving internal deposit
  • convert (aka swap, hedging)

Why should I verify my account?

With each new level of verification, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll unlock:


Level 0

Sign up with an email, verify it, and get your Citizen ID. You can't trade yet, but everything starts small. Share your Citizen ID QR code and invite friends to join NoOnes to start earning crypto rewards. It's that easy.

Level 1

Level 1 is the starting point in the peer-to-peer world. We ask for your date of birth to confirm your legal age and eligibility for our services.

Level 1 grants a daily limit of $700. You can receive funds from friends on NoOnes as well as deposit crypto to your personal crypto deposit address, convert cryptocurrencies, or buy or sell them on the marketplace. There is a lifetime limit of $10,000 for trading and $10,000 for wallet transactions.

  • Free crypto wallet

  • Ability to trade and send out crypto

  • Ability to convert cryptocurrency

  • Daily limit of $700
  • Trade and wallet lifetime limits of $10,000

Level 1 Plus

Obtaining a satisfactory identification document that meets stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) standards can be challenging and time-consuming in certain regions. Additionally, KYC providers often lack timely responses and may not support all types of identification documents specific to a particular location. To address these limitations, we offer Basic Verification in certain locations. With Basic Verification, you can verify your identity using any valid document you possess. Level 1 Plus unlocks the ability to create and publish your own offers on the marketplace.

  • Create and publish offers

Level 2

Verify your identity and get rid of all limits. There are no daily or lifetime limits whatsoever. The only limit is the maximum amount per trade, which is $10,000. But you can have as many trades as you want.

  • Per-trade limit $10,000

  • No daily or lifetime limits

  • Access to more payment methods
  • Ability to create your own offers

Level 3

Enhanced due diligence checks require verification of address. Level 3 users can trade up to $500,000 in a single trade.

  • Increased per-trade limit $500,000


  • In order to create an offer, you need to be ID-verified or pass Basic Verification.
  • The per-trade limit for a trade is calculated based on the total volume of all active trades available for your current level. 
  • Check if your country is on the list where we may not make all of the Services available. In case your country is on the list, do not attempt to circumvent any restrictions imposed via the Services, such as by obscuring your IP address or submitting any inaccurate information regarding your location. Please refrain from using NoOnes in this case.

Please visit our Help Center for more information on the verification process.

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