ID Verification

Trading on Noones requires verification depending on the payment method used or the amount transacted. Whenever you hit the limit of operations available without ID verification, Noones UI would suggest you to increase the limits by verifying your ID.


Step 1 Open the Verification Page

  • Click the link in the operation limit error message.

Step 2 Insert Your Details

  • Fill in the fields on the ID verification form.
Field Name Description
Country your photo ID is from Select the country that issued your ID.
Type of photo ID Select the type of ID you are submitting.
  • If any other fields specific for a selected ID are displayed, fill in the requested values.
  • Click Start verification process.
  • If asked, confirm the consent to the processing of your personal data

Step 3 Provide ID Photo

  • On the ID verification page, reenter the ID choice and click Next.
    • The Identity document page will then appear.
  • Choose whether you want to take a photo of ID or to upload an existing file from your device.


  • Some countries may not have the ability to upload a file during the ID verification process. These users will need to take a live photo instead.
  • If you prefer to use your mobile phone, click Continue on phone 
    • Take a Photo
      • To take a picture of your ID, make sure your document is ready and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
        • Click Take photo.
        • Click Start.

Warning: Give the application permission to access your device camera.

      • Place your ID in the center of the screen and make sure all the necessary details are visible: 
        • your face on the document
        • document number
        • your full name
      • Click the Camera icon to capture the image.
        • The image is captured and displayed on the screen. 
      • If the image is clear, click Confirm. If the photo is not legible or if you are not satisfied with it, click Retake and try again.
      • Repeat the process once again to capture the backside of your  ID card or Driving license. In the case of a passport, simply continue to the next step.
    • Upload file
      • If you want to upload a file from your device,
        • Click Upload file.
          • The Upload image page appears. 
        • Click Choose file and select a file from your device.
        • Click Choose another file if you want to retry. If you selected the right file, click Confirm.
      • Repeat the process once again to capture the backside of your ID card or Driving license. In the case of a passport, simply continue to the next step.

Step 4 Complete Face Verification

The next step after submitting your ID is to complete your face verification. To verify your facial identity.

  • On the Face verification page, click Continue.
    • Center your camera page appears.
  • Make sure your camera is working and placed correctly. Click Continue.
    • The application activates your device camera so you can click a picture of your face.
  • Once you are ready, click Start.

While clicking the picture, keep the following points in mind:

  • Look straight into the camera.
  • Make sure you are dressed decently and are not wearing glasses or hats.
  • Follow the instructions by moving your face closer to the camera.
  • Fit your face into the oval frame.

In case of an error, click Try again. In case of success, your photo will be sent automatically to our Verification Team.

Note: If your attempt has failed, consider increasing the amount of light in the room.

You’ll be notified about your application in just a few minutes! Check your notification inbox to find out if your application was approved or declined. You will also receive an email with the result of your verification. 


  • There is a lifetime limit of 5 verification attempts for each user!
  • If you have not received an answer within 24 hours, it means that your document is going through manual verification. Manual verification may take more than 2 days (2-7 days).

If you have any questions or face any issues, contact us via our contact form.


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