Reporting a Chargeback

A chargeback is when a payment you received has been retracted. This guide explains how to report a chargeback if it happens to you.

Some payment methods have an option of a chargeback. This means that after you’ve received a payment for your crypto your trade partner can request their funds back. A chargeback may happen as it is allowed by some third-party services that are used as payment methods.

As a reminder, Noones is not obligated to initiate or handle chargebacks and is not liable if a party reverses, charges back, or otherwise disputes a transaction via an avenue made available to the party through the payment method used in the transaction, including after a dispute is closed.

If this does happen, here is what you can do:


  • You can report a chargeback only for the following payment methods: Amazon Gift Card, Bank Transfer, MTN Mobile Money, PayPal, Zelle Pay.
  • You can report a chargeback only after a trade has been completed (cryptocurrency has been released from the trade escrow).
  • After receiving your report, we’ll do our best to solve the case. However, we don’t guarantee your funds at 100%.
  • Make sure you’ve investigated the issue with your bank or wallet service provider before submitting a report with us.
  • If you’ve already submitted a report, please give us some time to get back to you with our response. Thank you for your patience!

1. Open the trade in the list of your past trades: Dashboard > View past trades

2. On the bottom of the trade page, click Report a chargeback.

3. On the Report a chargeback dialogue box, do the following:

  • Choose one of the reasons for your report;
  • Write any additional information into the Additional information field (sender’s name, email, and so on);
  • Click Upload to upload a screenshot of any chargeback related messages and one screenshot of your wallet balance;
  • Click Report chargeback to submit your request.

4. In the confirmation dialogue box, click Okay.

You now have submitted a chargeback report and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tip: You can check the status of your report on the bottom of your trade page at any time. There are three chargeback report statuses:

  • Pending
  • Confirmed
  • Dismissed

You can also report a chargeback through the Contact Form

To get started, we’ll need a video recording of:

  • The transaction indicating the date and amount received
  • The transaction indicating the date and payment reversal

We’ll also need the trade ID where this happened. 

Here are some safety tips to help you protect your funds in the future.

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