My Public Profile

Your profile contains a summary of your account and your history on Noones. Other Noones users can view the following information:

  • Username
  • Profile picture
  • Verification - information if your email, phone, ID or address are verified,  and you were verified as a trusted vendor.
  • Reputation - an aggregation of the positive and negative feedback that you have received on Noones.
  • Active offers - offers you created that are currently active.
  • Your profile language
  • Number of trade partners
  • Number of trades
  • Trade volume - total BTC you’ve traded on Noones.
  • Number of users who trust you
  • Number of users who have blocked you
  • Time elapsed since you joined Noones
  • Last time you were online on Noones

As you can see, your public profile will contain all the credentials you have earned on Noones and will help other users decide if you are a safe trade partner or not.

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