What is Lightning?

Lightning is a network that allows sending and receiving Bitcoin much faster and cheaper. Noones Wallet supports Lightning and allows you to top up your BTC account and withdraw Bitcoin to other Lightning-enabled wallets.

You don’t have to do anything to start using Lightning in Noones Wallet - it’s available to all users and the same Bitcoin wallet balance is used.


How to deposit Bitcoin with Lightning

  1. Open Noones Wallet
  2. Click Lightning inside the Bitcoin box
  3. Click Receive
  4. Select the amount to receive. You can either select an amount in BTC or enter the amount in your local fiat currency (in which case your amount will be converted to BTC using the exchange rate at that moment)
  5. You can optionally specify a memo (custom message that the other party will see) and the invoice expiration time (if the payment hasn’t been done in this time period, it will just get canceled)
  6. Click to proceed. You will get a Lightning invoice (also available in form of QR code). Share the invoice with the sender or the funds, or scan the QR code with the Lightning-enabled wallet..
  7. Usually the transaction takes only up to 10 seconds to process. In some cases it takes a few minutes. Once the deposit is done, the money appears in your BTC wallet.

How to send out Bitcoin with Lightning

  1. In order to send via Lightning, you need to prepare an invoice in the receiving wallet. If you are sending to a friend / partner, ask for the invoice with a specific BTC amount. If sending to your own Lightning-enabled wallet, go to that wallet first and generate an invoice. Don’t forget to specify the amount (in Bitcoins) you want to transfer.
  2. Open Noones Wallet
  3. Click Lightning inside the Bitcoin box
  4. Click Send
  5. Paste the invoice or scan the QR code
  6. Enter 2FA if enabled for your account
  7. Your transaction is on its way! Usually it takes only up to 10 seconds to confirm. In some cases it takes a few minutes. The money is deducted from the Noones BTC wallet. If the transaction fails for whatever reason, the money is returned automatically.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am getting an error message about a Limit. Why can’t I send big amounts?
Please see the Limits page and make sure you have the appropriate level to send the requested amount. Please also keep in mind that the $700/transaction limit will apply to all Lightning sendouts. Want to send more? You can always do that with a normal on-chain BTC transaction.
Is Lightning cheaper?
Sending via Lightning costs the same as sending BTC. However, you save a lot on the network fee.
I waited for 10 minutes but my transaction didn’t come.
Please open Noones Wallet, click Lightning and check the status of your transaction. If the transaction failed, the money is returned automatically. In that case please try using a different wallet. If the transaction is displayed as pending, please contact support.
My invoice doesn’t work.
Unfortunately we don’t support invoices without an amount. We don’t support static Lightning addresses / LNURL.
How do I connect to your node?
Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment. But feel free to contact support and leave your contact details and we will let you know once it’s possible.


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