Can My Cryptocurrency Transaction Be Cancelled or Reversed?

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Unfortunately, NoOnes has no control over them and cannot cancel or reverse transactions. This applies in all cases such as:

  • If you were hacked and someone sent out your coins
  • If you sent crypto to the wrong address
  • If you released crypto in a trade by mistake
  • If you were scammed

Once your cryptocurrency is sent out, it cannot be reversed. Please read our security guide to increase the protection of your funds.

If you still want to try tracking the wallet address you accidentally sent your crypto to, you can use the Relevant Blockchain Explorer to Check the Transaction Status. You can find instructions on how to do this in our How to Check your Cryptocurrency Transaction Status article.

If you have sent funds to the wrong address. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. The only way to get your funds back is to contact the receiver and request to send them back. If you don’t know to whom the wallet address belongs to, there is no other way for us to retrieve the funds.

If you've accidentally released your crypto or suspect any fraudulent activity during a trade, please contact our support team.


  • Always double-check and ensure that the address you’re sending the funds to matches the address of the recipient beforehand. Make sure not to fall into investment scams as well and only send crypto to your trusted person.

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