Selling Cryptocurrency for In-game Items

In addition to gift cards with a game balance, some games offer an option to gift in-game items such as resources, skins, weapons, etc. We are happy to offer you an opportunity to sell crypto for in-game items. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Before trading

Before you start selling cryptocurrency for in-game items, make sure you have the means to check if the item was actually transferred to you. Whether you choose a game currency, boost, or skin, you must ensure you have the means to verify the transition of the item.


  • Buying accounts is prohibited.
  • Don’t return the in-game item under any circumstances after you have received it.
  • Don’t take the risk by transacting outside of Noones trade flow as it isn’t protected by Noones secure escrow.


Searching for an offer

The first step to selling cryptocurrency for game items is to look for an offer that accepts this type of payment. You can also specify the amount you wish to sell and the currency you prefer.

Choose the best rate of cryptocurrency to have the highest profit possible. Also, pay attention to the reputation of your potential trade partner. And finally, read through the offer terms and trade instructions carefully. 

Talk to your trade partner in the trade chat. Clarify how exactly the in-game item will be delivered to you and decide whether you are okay with the product before proceeding.

Note: If after the trade has started you are being offered an item that is different from the advertised one, be extra cautious.

Creating an offer

To sell crypto for game items, you can also create your own offer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Set a margin you find profitable as no negotiations are allowed during the trade.
  • Write clear offer terms and instructions.
  • Use offer labels to highlight essential information such as the item type and the name of a game.
  • Consider including FAQs section—think what questions trade partners may ask.
  • If necessary, mention the following:
    • the game server where the exchange should take place;
    • will the delivery happen “face to face”, via game mail, or any other in-game exchange channel;
    • required game character level, etc.
  • Be clear about what proof of payment you expect from your trade partner, for example, screenshots of an in-game transaction.

Once you’ve created and published your personalized offer, wait for a buyer to start the trade with you. Once a trade has started, you will receive a notification. Feel free to discuss all the necessary details with your trade partner on the trade chat, and proceed accordingly.

Completing a trade

Once you’ve received the item and the buyer has marked the trade as “Paid”, you can release the cryptocurrency from the trade escrow. Click the Release button only if you are absolutely sure about receiving the payment. Remember that cryptocurrency transactions are final and irreversible.

After a trade

Once the trade is completed, you can leave appropriate feedback for your trade partner. Also, if you like trading with the user, you can add them to your trusted list.

See our step-by-step guide on how to sell cryptocurrency and our rules for selling cryptocurrency.

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