Noones Escrow

To secure the marketplace, Noones employs various protocols such as escrow to prevent fraud and make the trading experience safe and fair for everyone.

So how does the escrow work?

When a trade starts, the seller’s crypto is automatically transferred into a temporary safe deposit account (escrow). Once the payment is made and confirmed, the seller can release the cryptocurrency from the escrow and this will mark the completion of the trade.

Note: The amount transferred into the escrow is the trade amount plus escrow fee.

How escrow helps cryptocurrency buyers?

If you've made a payment and the seller refuses to release your crypto, the seller’s cryptocurrency will stay in escrow until our moderators step in to investigate and award to the deserving party — here's how you can start a dispute.

How escrow helps cryptocurrency sellers?

Sometimes a buyer may not be able to finalize the payment for the cryptocurrency resulting in a canceled or expired trade. If you’re the seller in this case, your cryptocurrency will safely return back to your wallet.


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