Using Bitcoin Price Equations for Offers

Bitcoin prices vary on each exchange platform. However, Noones provides users with the flexibility to set Bitcoin rates for their offers. Creating an offer on Noones has an option to choose a market source of Bitcoin rate and an option to select a price point

When you create an offer to buy or sell bitcoin, you can decide whether to use the regular rate offered by Noones or select one of the most popular exchange platforms from the list in the drop-down list. The price point is also flexible.

Offer bitcoin price = source price + margin %

On step 2 (Profit margin and trade limits) of the offer creation flow, do the following:

1. Click Switch to advanced mode under Percent above market rate your offer will list at.

2. Once the Advanced mode section appears, select an exchange platform from the Custom Price source drop-down list.

3. Then select a price point from the Select a price point to use drop-down list.

Your custom bitcoin price is now set, then you can continue on with the offer creation flow.

Note: You can always switch back to simplified offer flow by clicking Switch to simple mode.

Check our common questions about price equations for more information.

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