Why Didn’t My Account Pass Compliance Review?

The safety of our marketplace is very important. As a result, some accounts get banned for failing our compliance review for reasons, such as:

  • We believe that you have violated the Terms of Service, which may include:
    • Providing multiple and/or false identifications;
    • Operating more than one Noones account;
    • Refusing to verify your identity;
    • Please see our terms of service here
  • It’s connected with an activity that may be illegal.
  • We have received an order from a legal authority, which may include:
    • A subpoena or similar legal order;
    • Pending litigation involving your account; 
    • An investigation and/or proceeding involving your account. 
  • We can’t verify the personal and/or business purpose of your account and you have refused to provide us with the requested information. 
  • We identify your blockchain activity as a heightened legal/regulatory risk.
  • We believe that you may have taken action that we believe to be circumventing our controls and/or procedures to keep our platform safe.
  • We determine it is necessary to protect us and our users, including you, from danger or loss.


  • If you're located in these countries you must verify your ID to create new offers, sell cryptocurrency, and use/access your wallet
  • You can’t appeal this decision, and we won’t address any further inquiries into this case.

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