Requirements & Responsibilities of the Partner Program


Where can I sign up for the Partner Program?

  • Once you’ve signed up for Noones, you are automatically part of the Partner Program!

Do I need to be ID verified and address verified (POA) to be part of the Partner Program? 

  • No. You do not need to be ID and POA verified. 
  • Your ability to claim Partner Program rewards may be affected by Noones transaction volume limits, as described in the Terms and Conditions. You may be asked to provide ID verification and address verification if required.


What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate?

  • To sign up as many new partners to Noones with an intention to trade on the platform. 
  • To use the invite link, code, and QR code generated on the dashboard responsibly. It should be used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.
  • To use your personal social media channels, blogs, or other media platforms to educate people about cryptocurrencies, Noones, and the Partner Program. 
  • To be a Noones advocate on social media and defend the Noones image and brand.
  • To be involved in Noones life, share your stories on SM channels, provide feedback, etc.

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