Special Offer

Special offers are a type of a trade which is sent to specific trade partners. Unlike classic offers, Special offers can only be accepted by the person it was sent to. All trades are protected by escrow, so if your trade ends up in a dispute, a moderator will step in.

When should I use a special offer?

A few examples of using special offers include:

  • Trading with someone you know personally, but still want the security of escrow.
  • Repeating a trade but with slightly different terms.
  • Sending a counter offer with adjusted terms.
  • Giving your trade partner a discount compared to your classic offer.
  • Sending a private offer that you don’t want to be seen publicly.
How can I create a special offer?
  1. Start by sending your trade partner a message in the chat. You can send a message from their profile (click ‘Start Chat’).
  2. Once you’ve agreed on a trade, click the plus button next to where you enter messages and choose ‘Special Offer’.
  3. If your account is not verified to create offers, follow the instructions to complete verification.
  4. After that, you will see the form to create a special offer. From there, you can customize your trade requirements including trade type, payment method, amount, margin etc.
  5. Once the special offer is created, you and your trade partner can view the offer terms and can start the trade. Please note that the cryptocurrency rate is locked once the offer is created. If the market rate changes significantly after you’ve created your offer, you can cancel it and create a new one.
What if I received a special offer?
  1. Make sure you agree with the terms with your trade partner before starting the trade. 
  2. If you don’t agree with the terms do not start the trade. You can talk to your trade partner about adjusting the terms in the chat if necessary. You can also send a counter-offer yourself (check out how to create a special offer above).
  3. Once you agree to the  terms, click ‘Start trade’.
  4. From there, you’ll be redirected to the trade chat to complete the trade. Please note that the contents of the trade chat are visible to Noones moderators. Only send payment confirmations, gift card numbers and other trade-related information in the Noones trade chat, or our moderators may not be able to help in case of a dispute.
  5. If the trade is successful, you’ll be redirected back to the private chat. If you need to trade again, you can create a new special offer.
  6. If the trade results in a dispute, a Noones moderator will step in to help. Please note: the moderator will not see your private chat, they will only see the special offer terms and the trade chat, so make sure that the terms always reflect the actual trade.

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