Send Crypto

Sending cryptocurrency via messenger can be used to send money to friends and family, cross-border remittances, and even tipping locally.

To send cryptocurrency via messenger:

  1. Find a user to send cryptocurrency to. If you haven’t communicated with that user yet, you can start a chat from their profile (tap the ‘Start Chat’ button)
  2. From there, click the ‘+’ next to where you enter messages and choose ‘Send Crypto’ in the menu.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency and the amount you want to send. If you’re entering fiat amounts (such as USD), please keep in mind that those are calculated based on the current exchange rate, which may fluctuate.
  4. If your account is protected with 2-factor authentication (2FA), you will be asked to confirm the transfer.
  5. Once the money is sent, both you and the recipient will see the amount of cryptocurrency that has been transferred.

    Note: the fiat amount (such as USD) displayed is calculated based on the exchange rate at the moment of the transaction.

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