Earning Bitcoin Rewards on Noones

We are excited to introduce the Bitcoin Rewards program! Like the Partner Program, Bitcoin Rewards are another way for us to give back to our community. Here you will learn about each Bitcoin Reward and see what you are eligible for.

Signup Sats

When you invite your friends and network to join you on Noones using your unique invite link or Citizen ID QR code, we'll drop 100 sats into their Bitcoin Rewards balance to welcome them aboard.

First Trade Rewards

Through the end of January, you will earn 1000 sats when you complete your first trade on Noones. We're so happy you're here!

Bonus Rewards

When a friend you invited on or after August 1, 2023 reaches $100 USD in trading volume, Noones will award 100 bonus sats to both of you. We will award an additional 1500 bonus sats when they reach $1000 USD in trading volume, and an additional 20,000 bonus sats when they reach $10,000 USD in trading volume. Trading volume includes both buying and selling crypto for this reward.

Collecting Your Rewards

All Bitcoin Rewards will be added to your Rewards balance not later than 7 days after they were earned. For more details about withdrawing your rewards see Partner Program Terms.

Bitcoin Rewards may be a limited time offer and are subject to change. Noones reserves the right to cancel Bitcoin Rewards at any time. Bad actors and duplicate accounts seeking to exploit this program are in violation of our Terms of Service and will be removed from the platform permanently. As per our existing Partner Program rules, we do not pay rewards for trades with your own referrals.

It's Rewarding to be part of the Noones community: stay tuned for more Bitcoin Rewards, coming soon!

Escrow fee discount for new invited partners from August 22nd 2023

Join Noones via invite link and pay 10% less on trading fees during the first 3 months. Noones offers discount on trading fees for the first three months after signing up. The discount is applied to escrow fee at the beginning of the trade.


Do I have to create a new account to get 1000 sats for my first trade?
No. If you currently have a Noones account, you’re already eligible. Please note that having multiple accounts is prohibited by Noones Terms of Service, and such accounts will be banned.
What about my old referrals? Are they counted?
You will earn 1000 bonus sats when a friend you invite makes their first trade.

Bitcoin Rewards for Trade Volume will only apply to friends who signed up through your link on or after August 1, 2023.

Will I get sats for every user I invite?
You will get a reward for every user that completes their first trade on Noones. There is no limit on the number of users eligible for sats rewards. Please note that having multiple accounts is prohibited by Noones Terms of Service, and such accounts will be banned. There is no reward for banned accounts.
I invited a friend and made a trade with them, will I get the reward?
No. You will get the rewards only when the user you invited makes their first trade with someone else. You are not prohibited from trading with your referrals, but you will not get the 1000 sats bonus reward nor generate referral reward from these trades (see Partner Program rules for more details).
How do I know if I have an escrow fee discount?
You can check if you have an active discount from three places. You will see a discounted escrow fee when you create a cryptocurrency sell offer. When someone starts a trade to buy cryptocurrency from you, you will see discounted escrow fee information in the trade details. If you sell cryptocurrency to someone, the discounted escrow fee will be displayed at the beginning of the trade. You should see percent of the discount and the new discounted escrow fee percent.
How long can I have a discounted escrow fee?
Noones may offer discounts on trading fees to certain users. Discounts may be time limited or depend on trading volume. At the moment Noones offers a discount on trading fees for the first three months to new users joined via invite link from August 22nd. Noones reserves the right to change or cancel discounts at any time without notifying the customer.

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