Bonus on Giftcard Trades

Noones is happy to announce that for the whole month of December 2023 you will be able to get an up to 3% bonus when selling an Apple giftcard! Here you will learn about the terms and conditions of the bonus and see if you are eligible.

Eligible Trades

In order to get a bonus, you need to buy crypto using one of the following payment methods: Apple Giftcard or Apple Giftcard (US). All trades made in December 2023 (GMT time) are eligible.

The bonus will not be paid to users, whose accounts are banned, frozen, on hold etc. The bonus is not paid for unsuccessful trades (canceled, dispute lost).

Bonus Tiers

The bonus will be paid to users’ Reward balance by January 7th, 2024. The bonus is based on the total crypto volume of the eligible ‘buy crypto’ trades.

December volume (eligible trades) Bonus rate
Under $1000 1%
From $1000, up to $10.000 2%
$10.000 or more 3%

Example: a user made 3 ‘buy crypto’ trades in December:

  1. Sell a $100 Apple Giftcard for 95 USDT
  2. Sell a $100 Apple Giftcard (US) for 97 USDT
  3. Sell a $50 Apple Giftcard for 50 USDT

The combined crypto volume is 242 USDT. According to the table the bonus rate is 1%, so the user will get a 2.42 USDT bonus. The bonus is paid in the crypto currency of the trade (USDT in the example above).

The maximum bonus amount a single user can receive is capped to an equivalent of $1000 USD.

Withdrawing Rewards

You will find your Bonus in your Rewards balance. As soon as you reach a $5 equivalent in one of the crypto currencies, you will be able to withdraw the funds to your Noones Wallet. You can increase your Rewards balance by participating in the Partner Program and earning Bitcoin Rewards. For more details about withdrawing your rewards see Partner Program Terms.

Noones reserves the right to change or cancel Bitcoin Rewards at any time. Bad actors and duplicate accounts seeking to exploit this program are in violation of our Terms of Service and will be removed from the platform permanently.


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