Recharge your Mobile or buy a Data Plan with Tether USDT

You can Top Up your Mobile directly from your Noones Wallet in few easy steps.

1. Open the website menu (or hover over "Wallet" if you are on a desktop). Click on Mobile Top Up.

2. Enter the mobile phone number to top up.

3. Confirm that the operator name is detected correctly.

4. Choose whether you want to recharge your mobile balance or select a data plan.

5. To recharge your mobile balance enter or select the amount in your local currency.

5. Review the price to pay in Tether USDT.

6. Click "Continue" to review details and pay for Mobile Top Up from your Noones wallet.




Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received my top up What should I do?

Please check the Top-up History in your Wallet. If your transaction is complete, look for Transaction ID. Found it? That means your transaction went through, you can check it with your operator. When checking, please make sure your phone number is correct.

If your transaction is not displaying as Complete, feel free to contact Noones support for assistance.


How much does Noones charge for Mobile Top Up?

The price in USDT is inclusive of all the transaction fees and absorbs exchange rate fluctuations. You will receive exactly the amount you have requested to your Mobile or the Data Plan in your local currency.


What if I see the wrong operator for my mobile number?

If this happens, please do not continue with Mobile Top Up. Please contact support and report the incorrectly showing operator.


How can I pay for Mobile Top Up?

To pay for Mobile Top Up you need USDT (Tether) in your Noones Wallet. You can buy Tether on Noones Marketplace, Convert other cryptocurrencies into USDT or deposit USDT.


Is Mobile Top Up available worldwide?

Mobile Top Up with Noones is only available in selected countries. Cannot find your country? Don't worry, it will be added soon. Meanwhile you can always look for Mobile Top Up offers on Noones Marketplace.

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