Noones Silent Pool

Silent Pool is a marketplace to buy or sell altcoins peer to peer. The trades are not exposed publicly, which allows you to put big orders without moving the price of the altcoins.

The trades are protected by Noones escrow, same as all other P2P marketplace trades.

Using Silent Pool is easy if you are familiar with how Noones P2P trades work. Please refer to the two examples below for details.

I want to sell altcoins

First of all, go to Silent Pool and select the altcoin you want to trade. If it’s not supported yet, feel free to suggest it.

Continue to the search form and make sure you selected the right altcoin to sell. You can also select one of the cryptocurrencies in your Noones wallet that you want to get.

Hint: if you don’t see an offer you like, try selling for a different crypto (e.g. BTC instead of USDT) and converting afterwards.



Couldn’t find a good offer? Want to sell for your price? Create an offer by clicking Create an offer. See the instructions below.

Once you find an offer, click Buy to start the trade. You will see how much altcoins you are supposed to transfer. Your trade partner will provide an address to transfer the altcoins to. Be careful: only use the addresses provided via the Noones trade chat, otherwise we will not be able to protect you in case of a dispute.

Once the altcoins are transferred and confirmed on the blockchain, click the PAID button and wait for the other party to release the crypto to your Noones wallet.

Things didn’t go as planned? You can start a dispute and let our moderators resolve the problem. Make sure you followed the vendor’s terms and presented the transaction id of the altcoin transfer to the moderator.

I want to buy altcoins

Open the Silent Pool search form and select the crypto currency you have in your Noones wallet. No crypto yet? Deposit it in your Noones wallet or trade in Noones Marketplace.

Next, choose an altcoin to buy. Couldn’t find your altcoins in the list? Feel free to suggest it.



Once you find an offer, click Sell to start the trade. Enter the amount in Bitcoins to sell. This amount will be locked in Noones escrow for the whole trade.

Next thing you need to do is to provide the address to transfer the altcoins to your trade partner. If your payment requires special instructions, like the blockchain to use, you are obliged to make them clear to your trade partner. You can do this in the trade chat. Be careful: never share any details outside of the Noones trade chat, otherwise we will not be able to protect you in case of a dispute.

Your trade partner will transfer the altcoins and let you know. Please confirm the transfer on the blockchain or in the external wallet you are using for your altcoins. Once confirmed, please click the button to Release Bitcoin. Congratulations, your trade is done!

Things didn’t go as planned? You can start a dispute and let our moderators resolve the problem. Make sure you provided the correct deposit address in the trade chat prior to starting the dispute.

I want to create an offer

  1. Go to Create an Offer
  2. Chфoose the crypto currency in your Noones wallet you want to use: BTC, USDT or USDC.
  3. Choose whether you want to buy the selected crypto (and sell altcoins) or the other way.
  4. From the list below select the altcoin you would like to buy or sell.
  5. To set the price, enter the desired margin (in %). Your offer price will be updated automatically every 10 minutes to the market price of the altcoin + the margin % you have chosen.
  6. Set the minimum and maximum trade amount. For example, if you have $1000 worth of Litecoin, you may want to set $100 for the minimum and $1000 for the maximum.
  7. Click next to proceed to the last step: enter the Offer Label (it will be displayed in the offer search) and Offer Terms. Make sure to clarify how you want altcoins transferred: which blockchain, wallet or platform you prefer to use.
  8. Finally, click Create Offer button to complete the process. You can check the status of your offer in My Offers. Hint: if you are going offline for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to temporarily deactivate your offer.
  9. Once somebody accepts your offer, you will get a notification. You can manage your notifications in Settings.


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