Noones is not opening / not available

There may be several reasons why a website can not be accessed: from your browser configuration to technical problems with your internet provider or NoOnes servers. Here are a few ways to understand what happened and fix those problems.

  1. Check your browser settings. If using Chrome on desktop or Android, try going to Settings / Privacy & Security / Security and enabling Use Secure DNS. Select a provider, such as Google or Cloudflare.
    unnamed (4).png
  2. Try a different browser or Internet connection. For example, if you are using WiFi, try switching to mobile internet. Or try a different network.
  3. Use a privacy tool, such as Cloudflare WARP – it may also resolve some potential network problems and can even make your browsing faster on slow connections! You can download Cloudflare WARP directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or use this link:
  4. If you are using the Noones app, try the website instead. Or vice versa.
  5. Check Noones Status page. If there is a known problem with Noones, you will see it there.
  6. Nothing helped? Please contact us. The information you will need: your device model and OS  (iOs or Android version), if you are using the app or website, your internet provider name and country.

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