Understanding Cryptocurrency Transaction Statuses on NoOnes

Cryptocurrency transactions can go through various stages or statuses as they move from initiation to completion. On NoOnes there are only three statuses (Completed, Pending, and Canceled), and we will provide a general overview of what each status means:

1. Completed. When a cryptocurrency transaction is marked as 'Completed,' it signifies that the transaction has been entirely processed on our platform and successfully confirmed on the blockchain. This includes being included in a block and confirmed by a sufficient number of blocks. For deposit transactions, this means your account balance on our platform should already reflect the deposit amount. For sendout transactions, it means the recipient should have received the cryptocurrency by now. To verify that the funds have indeed reached their destination, please refer to our article on How to Check your Cryptocurrency Transaction Status.

2. Pending. A "Pending" status indicates that the cryptocurrency transaction is currently in progress and has not yet been completed. Transactions may remain in this state for various reasons, including internal processing delays, third-party issues, or network congestion. During this period, we kindly ask users to be patient as the transaction progresses. It's important to note that pending transactions cannot be canceled.

When to reach out to support?

  • Internal transaction: Processing time should be up to 5 minutes. In case it takes longer, please reach out to support.
  • External Transaction without Hash: If a transaction is pending, and no transaction hash is generated, please reach out to support if the waiting time exceeds the following limits:
    • Tron: 10 minutes
    • ETH: 30 minutes
    • BTC (Express Send Out): 10-15 minutes
    • BTC (Standard): Up to 1 hour and 15 minutes (or up to 3 hours in rare cases)
  • External Transaction with Hash: 
    • In some cases, a transaction may show as 'Pending' on our platform even after being confirmed on the blockchain. Please note that blockchain confirmation is the most reliable indicator. If a transaction has a generated hash and can be tracked on the blockchain, it has been successfully processed on NoOnes. Kindly wait for blockchain confirmation by checking your cryptocurrency transaction status.
    • If the transaction cannot be found on the blockchain, standard processing times may vary depending on the network. Please reach out to support if the waiting time exceeds the following limits:
      • Tron: 10 minutes
      • ETH: 30 minutes
      • BTC (Express Send Out): 10-15 minutes
      • BTC (Standard): Up to 2 hours (or up to 3 hours in rare cases)

3. Canceled. A "Canceled" status signifies that the cryptocurrency transaction could not be successfully recorded on the blockchain. When a transaction is canceled, any funds reserved for that transaction are promptly returned to the wallet. Several factors can lead to a transaction remaining in this state, including internal processing delays, third-party complications, or network congestion. If you encounter a canceled transaction, we recommend attempting the transaction once more.

Note: We have only three mentioned transaction statuses on NoOnes. There is no “Freeze” status for a transaction on NoOnes. NoOnes does not freeze transactions.

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