Partner Program

  • What is a Partner Program?

    Noones Partner Program

    The Noones Partner Program offers an exciting opportunity for you to earn rewards for sharing Noones with your friends, family, and followers. 

    Building your cryptocurrency referral network is simple - just feature your Noones invite link in the content you share on social media, or advertise it on your website.

    You can find more detailed information about the Program on the Partner Program page and the Partner Program Terms and Conditions.

  • Requirements & Responsibilities of the Partner Program


    Where can I sign up for the Partner Program?

    • Once you’ve signed up for Noones, you are automatically part of the Partner Program!

    Do I need to be ID verified and address verified (POA) to be part of the Partner Program? 

    • No. You do not need to be ID and POA verified. 
    • Your ability to claim Partner Program rewards may be affected by Noones transaction volume limits, as described in the Terms and Conditions. You may be asked to provide ID verification and address verification if required.


    What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate?

    • To sign up as many new partners to Noones with an intention to trade on the platform. 
    • To use the invite link, code, and QR code generated on the dashboard responsibly. It should be used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.
    • To use your personal social media channels, blogs, or other media platforms to educate people about cryptocurrencies, Noones, and the Partner Program. 
    • To be a Noones advocate on social media and defend the Noones image and brand.
    • To be involved in Noones life, share your stories on SM channels, provide feedback, etc.
  • Partner Program Rewards

    Multi level referral network: earn a revenue share when your friends trade

    Once a user signs up using your invite link / invite code, they become your Level 1 Referral. The unique Invite link, invite code and QR code can be found in your Partner Program dashboard. 

    When your Level 1 Referral buys or sells crypto on Noones using any cryptocurrency (BTC, USDC, and/or USDT), you will earn a reward on their trading fees. 

    When your Referral invites friends using their invite link, new users automatically become your Level 2 Referrals.
    Moreover, when your Level 2 Referrals become referrers themselves, all the users signed up with their invite code become your Level 3 Referrals.

    You will earn rewards on your Referral network trading fees. The rewards are paid out for the first twelve (12) months upon Referrals’s sign-up. If your Referral has no trading activity for three (3) months, further rewards for this Referral will be discontinued.

    The rewards are calculated the following way:

    • The base rate varies depending on the Referral Level.
      Level 1 Referral base rate - 10%
      Level 2 Referral base rate - 7%
      Level 3 Referral base rate - 3% 
    • You get 10% of the escrow fee for the trade which involved your Level 1 Referral (either buying or selling crypto).
    • You get 7% of the escrow fee for the trade which involved your Level 2 Referral (either buying or selling crypto).
    • You get 3% of the escrow fee for the trade which involved your Level 3 Referral (either buying or selling crypto).
    • If a trade involves two users and both were invited by different Partner Program participants, the reward is shared 50/50, i.e. each participant gets a half.
    • No reward is paid out for canceled (or otherwise uncompleted) trades or your own trades with your referrals

    Your earnings in different cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn from the Partner Program balance to your Noones wallet. After withdrawing you have the option to sell this crypto on the platform or send it out.

    You can withdraw from the Partner Program balance by clicking on the Withdraw button in the Partner Program Dashboard, once you have the equivalent of 5 USD in one of the cryptocurrencies.

    If you do not withdraw a Partner Program reward in 6 months, it will expire on the first day of the next month.


    On January 15th a Level 2 Referral of yours makes a Gift Card trade for $100 worth of USDT. The escrow fee paid was 5 USDT and your Partner reward was 5 * 7% = 0.35 USDT.

    On February 4th another Level 1 Referral of yours makes a number of Giftcard trades for $1000 worth of USDT. The escrow fee paid was 50 USDT and your Partner reward was 50 * 10% = 5.00 USDT. Now your Partner Program USDT balance is 5.35 USDT and you can withdraw it.

    If you don’t withdraw your reward by August 1st, your January earnings will expire. Your Partner Program USDT balance will be 5.00 USDT. On September 1st your February earnings will expire too and your balance will become zero.


    By onboarding actively trading partners, you will be generating more rewards. If you own a blog / telegram channel about trading, feel free to invite your partners to try Noones. Do not abuse this though, our Terms and Conditions specifically disallow spam and impersonating Noones employees.

    Become an advocate - help your friends onboard to Noones, explain to them how trading works and how they can profit from that. The sooner your Partners become active traders, the more rewards you will earn. Check the list of your referrals in your Partner Program Dashboard. You can contact your referrals by clicking Start Chat in their profile.

    Use your invite codes wisely:

    • For blogs and social media use the invite link
    • For Telegram groups and other types of communities where links are not allowed, use your invite code (which equals to your Noones username)
    • When chatting with your friends offline, help them to install the Noones app and ask them to scan your QR code
    • When talking to your friends, feel free to share your Noones profile link - this also acts as an invite link!
    • Learn and spread the word about Noones Bitcoin Rewards that is another way to get free sats

    Please note that all invite links and codes contain your username. If you ever happen to change your username, your old links will become invalid!

    To avoid your earnings from expiring, check your Partner Program Dashboard at least once a month and Withdraw your rewards as soon as they are available.

  • Partner Program FAQ
    1. My friend forgot to use my referral code/link. Can I still receive the rewards?
      • Unfortunately no, for a referral to be counted they should sign up using the unique registration link or invite code provided during the registration process.
    2. Is there a limit as to how many partners I can have?
      • You can invite as many people as you want! The more users you invite to Noones, the more benefits you can earn.
      • Encourage your Level 1 Referrals to invite new users by themselves, and their referrals will become your Level 2 Referrals. When your Level 2 referrals start inviting, your Partner Program network will grow even more as you get Level 3 referrals. 
    3. How many Level 1, 2 and 3 Referrals do I already have?
      • You can see statistics on how many referrals on each level you have on the Partner Program dashboard. Just a reminder: you get the rewards from a Level 1, 2 and 3 Referral for the 12 months after they sign up. After that they are not counted as Active Partners.
      • If your Referral has no trading activity for three (3) months, they are no longer counted as Active Partners either
    4. How long does it take for a Referral to show in my dashboard?
      • Your Partner Program dashboard will update in real-time.
      • So whatever you see on the Partner Program dashboard should pretty much tell where things stand at the moment.
    5. Where can I find my invite link?
      • You can find your Invite link together with your code and QR code on the Partner Program dashboard.
    6. Where can I view my Partner Program earnings?
      • Your Partner Rewards balance is available on the Partner Program Dashboard.
    7. Where can I view my rewards history?
      • You can download reports about your rewards and transfer to wallet transactions. A Partner Program history report is available for users who have verified their e-mails. It can be found under “View history” on the Partner Program Dashboard.
    8. What content and advertising sources are the best ways to attract traffic to my Invite link?
      • Social media is a great tool to find Partners. If you have access to a local community, we can also recommend reaching out to them.
    9. When will I stop receiving rewards for my partners?
      • You can earn rewards from your Level 1 Referrals, Level 2 Referrals and Level 3 Referrals who have signed up with your invite link or your Level 1 and Level 2 Referrals link up to 12 months ago.
    10. What kind of content can I post on social media as a Noones Referrer?
      • There are many opportunities on social media. You can post educational content through video, text form, or even audiovisuals. Your creativity is the limit, just make sure to add value! 
    11. Will I earn commission from my partner send-outs and conversions?
      • No, you will earn rewards only when your partner buys or sells cryptocurrency.
    12. When can I withdraw my rewards?
      • You can claim your reward balance once your reward balance in respective cryptocurrency has reached $5 equivalent. 
    13. Can I see my referrals from more than a year ago on my dashboard?
      • You can see the total number of invited referrals historically and the number of total active partners. Difference between these two numbers is the number of partners who were invited more than 12 months ago.
      • Click on "View Invites" to see who has joined through your link. You can download report with all the users you have invited.
    14. Will I earn a reward for trading with my invited referral?
      • Anytime you are buying from or selling to one of your referrals on Noones Marketplace, you will not earn any reward.
    15. I can see the message that my reward balance will expire. What does it mean?
      • Rewards that were not claimed expire after six calendar months (on the 1st day of the next month). Check in regularly to claim your rewards and avoid expiry.
      • For example, the January rewards will expire on the 1st of August unless claimed.
    16. I do not wish to participate in the Partner Program, what should I do?
      • Let our support team know about your wish. Beware that if in the future you would like to restore yourself as an affiliate in the Partner Program, rewards and invited partners from the past will not be recovered.